Lets join ZALORA blogger Malaysia!

Do you love reading articles online for various types of topics ?
Have you ever wondered how you can join the fascinating writer’s community and share all your creative and fresh ideas with the people outside there?

Now I want to tell you there is a wide opportunity for the individuals who love spilling their creativity into writing.How ?
ZALORA has launched a great platform of digital magazine where passionate writers can join in the fun as
ZALORA blogger Malaysia.

Apa itu Zalora blogger Malaysia community?
The ZALORA Community is an online platform where you can publish your writing covering interesting topics from fashion,beauty, lifestyle, entertaintainment, beauty, travel and more.

Why you should join ZALORA Malaysia Community ?
because it definitely helps you gain exposure as ZALORA website has more than 3.7 million visitors since March last year.Banyakkan?! 
Participate in this exciting opportunity and build a strong resume. Set yourself as one of the early pioneers of this Community and have fun while doing what you love which is writing!

Write interesting articles according to your mood and with your own style.
This is definitely the place for you to be your own self and share amazing insights on various fun topics with ease.

Interested to join this amazing journey?
Hantar email kepada ZALORA Editor-in-Chief, Aini
at nurul.aini@my.zalora.com  and follow this stated format for the subject line:
Besides that, write a brief description of your article idea
(e.g. “400-word article on beauty)
in the body of your email and also send along a couple of writing samples (if any).

Join ZALORA blogger community now and be a part of this amazing informative platform!
Get your laptop now dan mulalah menulis idea idea yang tersimpan itu!
Be one of their writers with no strings attached!
Selamat berkarya ! ;)

3 komen:

Ardilla Noorezan said... [Reply]

Nak join tapi takut tak tertulis pula :'(

E'in said... [Reply]

selamat berkarya dik.. rasenye akak tak dpt le join takut tak dpt bg komitmen..

Farahain ZFA said... [Reply]

hai , ain datang singgah sini dan follow.
salam perkenaln :)